Telehealth has proven a valuable source for expanding mental health care and practice within our country. As more and more practitioners expand their telehealth practice, it is imperative that they become familiar with best practices and ethical requirements in order to best serve their clients.

Participants will engage in 15 hours of videos and vignettes focused on best practices of Telehealth in therapeutic settings. The course will include 3 hours of Ethics, information about regulation revisions (KRS 211.336) and a brief 2 hour refresher course for clinicians who have completed previous telehealth training. 

Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand terminology of telehealth and basic information for beginning practice
  • Identify legal and ethical considerations to maintain best practices and keep HIPAA compliance.
  • Identify strategies to enhance the quality and outcomes of telehealth therapy for Individuals, Couples, Families and Children.
  • Explore barriers to providing quality mental health remotely and methods for decreasing these barriers. This includes, but is not limited to: technological limitations and knowledge of technology for both practitioners and clients.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro to Course

    2. Vignette 1

    3. Understanding Terminology

    4. History of Telehealth

    5. Research Efficacy

    6. Risks & Benefits: Part 1

    7. Risks & Benefits: Part 2

    8. Vignette 4

    9. Vignette 5

    10. Vignette 6

    11. Telehealth Tip #1

    12. Resources

    1. HIPPA Compliance & Ethics: Social Work

    2. HIPPA Compliance & Ethics: MFT

    3. HIPPA Compliance & Ethics: LPC

    4. Security & Risk

    5. Payment Processing

    6. State Licensing Laws

    7. Interjurisdictional Laws

    8. Informed Consent, Mandated Reporting & Duty to Warn

    9. Vignette 1

    10. Vignette 2

    11. Telehealth Tip #2

    12. Resources

    1. Counseling Considerations for Various Demographics: Older Adults

    2. Counseling Considerations for Various Demographics: Groups, Couples & Families

    3. Counseling Considerations for Various Demographics: Children & Cultural Considerations

    4. Building Rapport Online & Adaptations of Techniques

    5. Vignette 1

    6. Vignette 2

    7. Telehealth Tip #3

    8. Resources

    1. Boundaries and Ethics Online

    2. Your Virtual Office

    3. "Don’ts" of Telehealth

    4. "Do’s" of Telehealth

    5. Telehealth Tip #4

    6. Resources

    1. Practice Guidelines for Continuing Telehealth Growth

    2. Technology Advancements and Changes

    3. Apps

    4. Platforms for Telehealth

    5. Telehealth Tip #5

    6. Resources

    1. Insurance

    2. Marketing and Advertising

    3. Resources

About this course

  • $180.00
  • 57 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

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Meet the Presenter

Amanda Villaceces, LMFT

Amanda is the founding Director of Mental Health Lou and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. She received her MS in Marriage, Family and Community Counseling at CSU Sacramento and her Bachelor's in Psychology and Art History from the University of Arizona. In addition to her clinical work, Amanda is a practicum supervisor with the University of Louisville's CFT program, regularly hosts workshops, and helps with the development of Mental Health Lou projects.